Samantha Howick

Byblos riviera, Lebanon

Yoga Teachers, Writers & Bloggers

From her earliest memories  yoga has been a part of Samantha's life. Her mothers eastern mysticism had sparked her interest from early on. As her own life wove in and out of light and darkness as most teenagers do, yoga philosophy was often a beacon. The body was  central part of her understanding of health , as a young girl she was on the national rhythmic gymnastics team, but overtime her body became a means to something deeper.

She earned a degree in Fine Arts from France and continues to exhibit worldwide. This passion and creativity influencing her life and teaching.

A mother of four children living in foreign countries, she soon realized the challenge was how to live the yoga off the mat! And that's where the magic begins!

 Often teaching in places where yoga was almost unknown , she had to delve deep to connect to the essence where everything  is united.

One Yoga has evolved out of this universality and it spread through her yoga classes as well as cutting edge collaborations with live musicians , African dance, Kirtan etc. Her continued studies in Vedanta philosophy & Tantra and yoga in all its forms and shapes serve as a continuous backdrop from which to learn and be. One Yoga is about dissolving boundaries.Whether they be of age,language,culture or even level.Her classes offer  an opportunity for each person to explore the unique aspect of who they are right now.

Deeply rooted in tradition, she creatively weaves her way through yogas highly evolved techniques. Taking us on a journey where healing , peace and the bliss of the self can be felt.

Her teachings have become known to inspire others to Live Love Dream! Her unique teacher training program which was founded in 2011 alongside her brother Dr. Howick ( Oxford) has inspired hundreds to follow their hearts.

Her classes , workshops and trainings are born of her continued discipleship which spans over 20 years, love and freedom!


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