Sonia Ribas

Yogin' it Founder

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Sonia grew up in Barcelona and is a graduate of ESADE Business School and HEC Paris. Following her traditional education, she dove into the corporate world and quickly started climbing the ranks as international marketing executive - across different countries and within different multinationals including L’Oréal and Unilever. To balance her stressful work and to stay in good shape, Sonia used to run every day, until… she was confronted with a severe knee injury. When she shared her frustration of not being able to run with her colleagues, one of them wondered why she did not try yoga. Sonia’s initial reaction was very skeptical, sarcastic even. Soon after, however, she realized she could not have been more wrong. Overcoming her prejudgment and 10 minutes into her first class, Sonia was hooked – there was no way back anymore.

Sonia loves the way yoga makes her feel, at all possible levels: physical, emotional and certainly also spiritual. Yoga has marked the beginning of a new lifelong journey – personally and professionally. After many years of “yuppie corporate lifestyle”, Sonia quit her job to pursue her real passion: YOGA. Having practiced different yoga disciplines for several years, she advanced her yoga journey by travelling around the world to get officially certified as a teacher, while practicing and studying with some of her guiding teachers (Shiva ReaElena BrowerBikram ChoudhuryDharma MittraAnthony “Prem” CarlisiHeather “Radha” Duplex, Edward Clark, Daniel Aaron and Simon Park amongst others).

She then moved to the USA and started thinking of ways to put her project-management skills to the service of the Yoga Community. As she is a rather introvert person, she doesn't go to yoga studios unless she LOVES the teacher and feels emotionally very safe. She started developing a home yoga practice and faced different problems: first of all, she missed her teachers so much! She tried to practice what she had learned, trying to remember their classes, sequences, messages... if only could she go to their classes again, talk to them, continue to learn from them! Meanwhile, she talked to a lot of people who had an interest in trying yoga, but they were intimidated by yoga studios and didn't know where to start. And others who loved yoga but were too busy and couldn't make time to attend studio classes.

She then came up with the idea of making yoga accessible from HOME. After all, yoga is an individual, intimate experience, so where best than home to get down on the mat and experience a one-on-one with yourself? She started dreaming of an online space that would be beneficial to the whole Yoga Community. A warm, nutruring space where people would find inspiration and support for their Yoga Lifestyle and where teachers from all over the world would share their message: through yoga/meditation videos, through video interviews and blog posts, and promoting their offline activities too. A space for yogis and by yogis.

This dream is now a reality: Yogin' it. What does Yogin' it mean? It means the experience of Yogin through life. Because she truly believes Yoga is more than a practice, it's a lifestyle.

Sonia and Yogin’ it are all about open communication; so don’t hesitate to contact her with feedback, suggestions or new ideas to spread the benefits of yoga around the world. She wants to thank everyone in the Yogin’ it Family for believing, trusting and helping build this beautiful project.

Let’s all share our love for yoga!


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