Twee Merrigan

Yogin’ it fairy godmother

New York, NY, USA

Teachers Online Studio, Yoga Teachers

Twee is a globally recognized senior teacher and trainer of Prana Flow® whose teachings are inspired by Shiva Rea; a three-year nomadic yoga teaching tour where she traveled to a different country every two weeks, empowering and pollinating change wherever she landed; her tribe of friends and family around the globe; over a decade of New York City corporate sales; Hatha, Tantra, + Ayurveda studies; surfing; the inherent beauty, intelligence, and power of Nature and Source Energy itself, and her husband, Jason, their puppy, and daughters Hana Sky and Tesla Moon with whom she resides just outside of New York City. 

“She guides a beautiful inward journey combining asana sequence, music, and words that allow the student to delve deeply into the self.  The experience is a connection to the inner truth - where one feels the authenticity of Twee’s own journey into the soul.” [Diane M] 

Yogin’ it: We will eternally thank Twee for being our fairy godmother. She blessed us with her magic at the conception of this project and she keeps mentoring us along the way, filling us with light and empowerment. Thanks, Twee, for your love, your grace, your sparkle, your generosity and your strength. Having you with us means the world to us.


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